Chemical Division

Operation of Chlor-alkali plant, wherein Caustic Soda and Chlorine Gas are produced out of common salt through electrolysis process. Caustic Soda is a basic chemical having a broad spectrum application in various industrial processes.


Gases Division

Sitara Chemicals is the largest chlor alkali complex on national basis. Besides manufacturing Caustic Soda and various allied chemicals, the company has been able to set up independent plants of some more gases i.e. 01.Nitrogen (N2) 02.


Specialty Division

We aim to be the leading service-driven company in the specialty chemicals industry, for national & International markets.


Textile Division

Established in 1990 this spinning unit of Sitara Group is engaged in the production of top quality Polyester / Cotton (PC) ...



To produce and deliver high quality apparel fabrics to the entire satisfaction of customer base.

service desk

SCIL was incorporated in 1981 and began producing caustic soda in 1985, initially at a rate of 30 metric tones Caustic a day. The plant’s capacity was gradually increased over years to current level of 610 metric tons a day.In addition, various by-product facilities have been added and expanded from time to time to cope with growing demand. Company entered into Textile Spinning Business in 1995. Its specialty chemicals and export division was established in 2001.

Sitara Chemical Industries Ltd. is committed to remain alert and advance to continuously grow as a Quality Symbol for its products and in meeting industrial and consumer requirements, through training, team work, and procedures, on time, every time.

Sitara Chemical Industries Ltd. is committed to ensure a safe and healthy work place, to prevent injury and ill health, for all its employees, stakeholders and visitors working for it and on behalf of the company, complying with all relevant legislation / regulations, through awareness training, teamwork, procedures, effective objectives and programmes, as implemented from time to time for continual improvement of its Occupational Health & Safety performance.

Sitara Chemical Industries Ltd (SCIL) is committed to continual improvement of its Environmental Management System (EMS) by adoption of appropriate pollution prevention measures and complying with all relevant environmental legislation / regulations through training, teamwork and procedures as implemented from time to time.

Sitara Chemical Industries Ltd. (SCIL), the largest chemical complex using energy as major input for manufacturing of chlor alkali products. Energy objectives and targets are established and continually reviewed to meet production targets and major user of energy, SCIL is committed to continual improvement in Energy Performance through periodic review of energy aspects and finding new opportunities for energy efficiency by adopting energy efficient technology and designs for operation of our activities. Ensuring availability of information and all necessary resources to achieve energy objectives & targets. Creating awareness among employees and vendors about energy efficiency. Complying energy management related energy legislation / regulations and other requirements.

Sitara Chemical Industries Ltd. (SCIL) the largest chemical complex recognizes the importance of food safety in production of Liquid Carbon dioxide at all stages where it performs manufacturing to distribution. SCIL is committed to continual improvement of its Food Safetty Management system by ensuring regular identification of hazards, determination of critical control points, complying with relevant regulatory and customer requirements to achieve food safety objectives and to communicate, maintain and  implement this policy at all relevant level of the organization.


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