SCIL was incorporated in 1981 and began producing caustic soda in 1985, having 30 metric tons/day capacity. Production capacity was gradually increased over the years to 630 metric tons per day. Company kept its tradition of growth and has become the largest producer of Chlor-alkali products in Pakistan.
Company entered into Textile Spinning Business in 1995 to diversify its business by installing spinning unit of 28512 spindles comprising state of the art European and Japanese technology. It is capable of producing all sorts of Yarn from polyester to Acrylic to Viscos etc. The unit is fully compliant to GRS & BCI standards.

Board of Directors

1. Mr. Muhammad Adrees Chief Executive
2. Mr. Haseeb Ahmad
3. Mr. Ahmad Hassan Chairman/Independent Director
4. Mr. Ahmad Nawaz
5. Mr. Haroon Ahmed Zuberi Independent Director
6. Mrs. Shala Waheed Sher Female Director
7. Mr. Najmul Hoda Khan

Audit Committee

1. Mr. Haroon Ahmed Zuberi Chairman
2. Mr. Abdul Awal Member
3. Mr. Ahmad Nawaz Member

Human Resource & Remuneration Committee

1. Mr. Abdul Awal Chairman
2. Mr. Muhammad Adrees Member
3. Mrs. Shala Waheed Sher Member
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