SCIL was incorporated in 1981 and began producing caustic soda in 1985, initially at a rate of 30 metric tones Caustic a day. The plant’s capacity was gradually increased over years to current level of 610 metric tons a day.In addition, various by-product facilities have been added and expanded from time to time to cope with growing demand. Company entered into Textile Spinning Business in 1995. Its specialty chemicals and export division was established in 2001 and agri chemicals division in 2003.

Board of Directors

  1. Mr. Muhammad Adrees                     (Chief Executive)
  2. Mr. Haseeb Ahmad
  3. Mr. Abdul Awal                                    (Chairman/Independent Director)
  4. Mr. Ahmad Nawaz
  5. Mr. Haroon Ahmed Zuberi                 (Independent Director)
  6. Mrs. Shala Waheed Sher                     (Female Director)
  7. Mr. Ashraf Shahzad Ahmed

Audit Committee

  1. Mr. Haroon Ahmed Zuberi                  Chairman
  2. Mr. Abdul Awal                                      Member
  3. Mr. Ahmad Nawaz                                 Member

Human Resource & Remuneration Committee

  1. Mr. Abdul Awal                                   Chairman
  2. Mr. Muhammad Adrees                    Member
  3. Mrs. Shala Waheed Sher                   Member


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