Stearic Acid DP

Chemical Formula                  :           C18H36O2

Molecular Weight                   :           284.48 g/mol

CAS No.                                   :           57-11-4

Sr. No Parameters UOM Stearic Acid DP
1 Acid Value mg/g 205 min
2 Iodine Value g/100g 3.0 max
3 Saponification Value (mg/g) 206 min
4 Melting Point °C 55 ± 2
5 Moisture & Impurities % 0.5 max
6 Color Y/R 3.0/0.5 max

Stearic acid is an emulsifier, emollient, and lubricant that can soften skin and help to keep products from separating. Stearic acid is used in hundreds of personal care products, including moisturizer, sunscreen, makeup, soap, and baby lotion. This chemical is also used for making latex paint, deodorants and rubber.

Store away from incompatible materials. Protect from freezing and physical damage. Avoid storage near extreme heat, ignition sources or open flame. Store in cool, dry conditions in well sealed containers. Do not eat, drink, smoke, or use personal products when handling chemical substances. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing.

Supplied in 25kg PP bags with HDPE Liner.

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