Hydrated Lime

  • When heated above 580ºC, slaked lime gets decomposed into oxides.
  • When calcium hydroxide absorbs carbon dioxide from the air to produce calcium carbonate.
  • Calcium hydroxide can be hazardous to health if large amounts are inhaled or ingested.

Shelf Life:    Long life if protected from air and moisture.

Chemical Formula                           :           Ca (OH) 2

Molecular Weight                            :           74.09

CAS No.                                             :           1305-62-0

Parameters                                         Average Chemical Analysis

Physical appearance                            :           White, fine powder.

Calcium Hydroxide    Ca (OH) 2        :           95% ±1

Calcium Carbonate     CaCO3             :           2.0 % max.

Magnesium Oxide       Mg (OH) 2       :           1.0 % max

Moisture                                              :           0.5 % max.

Particle Size:

Passing through 0.090 mm Sieve           :           95.0 %

Because of its weak basic properties, calcium hydroxide has many and varied uses:

  • A flocculant, in water and sewage treatment and improvement of acid soils
  • An ingredient in whitewash, mortar, and plaster
  • In the tanning industry for neutralization of acid, the liming of hides and skins and the flocculation of waste water
  • In the food industry for processing of water (soft drinks)
  • As a filler in the manufacture of brake pads, ebonite , paints, rubber for preparation of dry mixes for painting and decorating
  • Slaked lime is useful as a cheap alkali for removal of acid gases in, for example, coal gas purification, and absorption of chlorine and recovery of ammonia in the Solvay process.
  • It is supplied in the packing of 22 – 25 kg Paper bags.
  • Must be stored in well-ventilated and covered area. Avoid contact with water and air.
  • Do not store it along with acids materials.
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