Chemical Formula                  :           C3H8O3

Molecular Weight                   :           92.09382g/mol

CAS No.                                   :           56-81-5

Sr. No Parameters UOM Specifications
1 Physical Appearance % Clean, Colorless and viscous Liquid
2 Assay % 99.6 Min
3 Refractive index at 15℃ 1.470 – 1.475
4 Specific gravity at 25℃ % 1.2600 min
5 Water content % 0.5 % max
6 Free Fatty Acid +Esters % 1.0% max
7 Chloride (as Cl) ppm 10 max
8 Sulphate as SO4 ppm 20 max
9 Heavy metal as Pb ppm 5 max
10 Residue on Ignition % 0.01 max

Refined Glycerin is widely used in pharmaceuticals, perfumery, cosmetics, foodstuffs, food and beverage ingredient, sweetener, personal care items such as tooth pastes, printer’s ink rolls, emulsifying agent, rubber stamp and copying inks, special soaps, lubricant and softener.

Store in a cool location. Protect from freezing and physical damage. Provide ventilation for containers. Keep container tightly sealed. Store away from incompatible materials.

Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothing. Follow good hygiene procedures when handling chemical materials. Do not eat, drink, smoke, or use personal products when handling chemical substances.

Supplied in 250 kg Lotrene HDPE – TR 571 drum.

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