Fly-Ash consists of inorganic, incombustible matter present in the coal that has been fused during combustion into a glassy, amorphous structure. Fly-Ash is a pozzolanic material i.e. it is a siliceous or aluminous material that when mixed with lime and water forms a cementations compound. That capability is one making fly ash a desirable admixture of concrete.

Product Name Fly Ash
Synonyms Flyash, Pozzolanic Ash, Coal Ash.
Product Form Solid Blend, Fine fluid Powder
CAS No. 68131-74-8
Parameters     Average Chemical Analysis
Physical Appearance Light to dark grey, free flowing powder.
SiO2 40-50 %
Al2O3 20-35 %
Fe2O3 01-8 %
CaO 2-10 %
MgO 1-5 %
SiO2 + Al2O3 + Fe2O3 70-90 %
Loss on Ignition 4-8 %
Moisture 2-7 %
pH (5% w/v solution)  8-12
Fineness 12 – 14% (Retention on 45 micron /325 sieve)

It is supplied in loose packing. Minimize dust produced during loading and unloading.

Fly ash is used as an Ingredient in Mass Concrete sections, Ready mix and precast applications, Road stabilization, Brick making, Cement Blocks and Structural fill.

Use adequate exhaust ventilation, dust collection and/or water mist to maintain airborne dust concentrations below permissible exposure limits. Wear a dust mask when handling or disposing dust from this product. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wash or vacuum clothing that has become dusty.  Avoid eating, smoking, or drinking while handling the material.

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