Fly-Ash Bricks

The Fly-Ash Bricks have higher compressive strength and resistant  to salinity & water seepage, better thermal properties, thereby reducing stress and tension.

Product Name Fly-Ash Bricks

Physical appearance

Visually the bricks shall be free from visible cracks. The bricks shall have smooth rectangular faces and shall be uniform in shape and color.


Length (mm) 235 ± 5
Width (mm) 115 ± 5
Depth/Height (mm) 72 ±3
Compression Strength (When Dry) ≥ 2000 PSI
Water Absorption < 20% (of dry weight)
Weight of Fly ash Brick 3 – 3.2 kg

Fly ash bricks are used in building industry. Fly ash bricks can be used as an alternative material for burnt clay bricks which is one of the important building materials used for construction of housing and buildings.

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