Caustic Soda Flakes

  • Caustic soda flakes is a hard but brittle white solid.
  • On exposure to air it easily absorbs water and becomes moist.
  • It should be handled with care by wearing protective eye glass and rubber hand gloves in order to prevent from being attacked.

Shelf Life:   Long life if protected from air and moisture.

Chemical Formula NaOH
Molecular Weight 40.00
CAS No. 1310-73-2

Average Chemical Analysis

Parameters     Average Chemical Analysis
Physical appearance White deliquescent flakes.
Concentration   (NaOH) 98.0 ± 1 %
Sodium Carbonate      (Na2CO3)      1.0 % max.
Sodium chloride          (NaCl) 0.04 % max.
Iron                                (Fe)  20 ppm
  • It is the main raw materials for the production of soap.
  • In oil refining industry it is used to remove the acids in the oil and improve the smell and color of the oil & petroleum products.
  • In textile industry, caustic soda is used to make rayon and mercerization of cotton.
  • In paper making industry, it is used as a reagent to treat wood, rice stalks and other fibers.
  • Industrial water treatment: Regeneration of ion exchangers, waste water treatment.
  • Food industry: Purification of fats and oils and removal of fatty impurities.
  • Caustic soda is used for the extraction and purification of aluminum.
It is supplied in the packing of 25 kg Polypropylene bags having polyethylene liner.
  • Store in a dry place away from acids, metals like aluminum, magnesium and zinc that cause formation of flammable hydrogen.
  • Immediately remove all contaminated clothing and equipment effected by the Caustic.
  • Flush the exposed area thoroughly with a lot of water, followed by washing with a solution of 5 % ammonium chloride in water.
  • If caustic contacts the eyes, they should be irrigated immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.
  • Hold the eyelids opened during irrigation. The eyes should then be washed with a dilute boric acid solution and wash the eye with water for an additional 15 minutes.
  • A physician should be seen immediately after the eye is thoroughly washed.
  • For personal protection, use face shields, gloves, gum-boots and protective suites.
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