• Stable below 0.5 % moisture contents.
  • Produce chlorine odor or HOCl in case of high moisture contents and start decomposing.
  • Decomposes by absorption of CO2 from air.
  • Decomposition by oxygen separation with low water contents which is accelerated in the presence of heavy metals Fe+3, Ni and Co etc.
  • Use personal protective equipment while handling bleaching powder.

Shelf Life:  One year in airtight drums; 03 months in airtight bags, if stored at room temperature and dry place.

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Chemical Identification :

Chemical Formula                 :           Ca (OCl) 2

Molecular Weight                  :           N.A

CAS No.                                   :           7778-54-3


Average Chemical Analysis

Parameters                                        Commercial Grade               Industrial Grade

Physical appearance              :           White or nearly white free flowing powder.

Available Chlorine                  :           30 % ± 1                                  35 % ± 1

Moisture                                  :           0.50 % max.                            0.50 % max.

Particle Size                            :           99.0 %                                     99.0 %

(Passing through 1.7 mm Sieve)

Stability:         Does not lose > 1/15th of available chlorine on heating at 100 ºC for 2 hours.


Bleaching powder is used for disinfecting and deodorizing in food processing, beverage and sugar industries, cotton clothing in laundries, hospitals & homes.
Disinfection for preservation of vegetables & fruits and in water treatment & sewage disposal, swimming pools.
Bleaching of cotton yarn, cotton cloth and linen in textile Industry.

Packing :

It is supplied in the packing of 25 kg Polypropylene bags, and 35 kg HDPE drums having polyethylene liners.

Handling and safety Instruction :

Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area.
Keep away from the source of heat, and direct sun light, water, acids, ammonium salts and separated from any organics, oil and flammable substances.
It should be stacked in rows with adequate gaps and at a minimum height.
It catches fire on exposure to naked flame and high temperature.